Corporate Governance

Implantation of Corporate Governance Projects, with support in the creation of Boards and Committees, elaborating internal regiments, policies and other pertinent documents. Performance as an External Corporate Governance Secretariat in companies.


Business structuring, with the incorporation of companies, execution of shareholder agreements, term sheets, memorandums of understanding (MoU), shareholders meetings, partial and total dissolution. Support for Start Ups and New Businesses.


Special corporate transactions, transactions involving the purchase and sale of companies, assets and corporate interests, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, incorporations, joint ventures and consortiums, among others.


Support in commercial transactions, acting in the negotiation and formalization of national and international contracts, guaranteeing the legal viability of the transaction. Structuring of investment operations for Investors.


Support in the mediation for the solution of conflicts and best alignment of interests:

(i) in business relationships, including disagreements between partners, managers, partners, customers, suppliers, etc.
(ii) in personal disputes, including family and / or succession issues.
Through mediation, we advise the parties involved to formalize a balanced composition, and being bound up with pre-existing disputes in the judicial, arbitration or administrative domains, materialize approved agreements with the definitive closure of all existing disputes. | +55 11 2657-7703

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Corporate planning, with implementation of solutions and corporate structures to protect partners and stakeholders.

Representation of shareholders at corporate meetings (Partners’ Meetings, General Shareholders Meetings, Board of Directors’ Meetings, among others).

Legal advice on the elaboration and implementation of necessary rules for succession in companies, acting together with founders; Corporate reorganization and the establishment of internal rules of business management.

Work with founders to identify possible internal successors, assigning roles, responsibilities and drawing up successor organization charts.

Real estate analysis for the purpose of setting up Family companies, and examining mechanisms for the protection of assets (movable or immovable), with the execution of the necessary documents, such as donation contracts, assignment of hereditary rights, purchase and sale contracts, among others.

Monitoring of proceedings before public entities, just as Registries of Trade, the Central Bank of Brazil, among others.



Negotiation of preliminary business conditions, celebration of NDAs Letters of Intent, Term Sheets, MOUs; support in eventual legal due diligence;

Elaboration, review and discussion of the main legal instruments related to the transaction, with a wide discussion of the parties’ obligations, forms of payment (Earnouts, Escrow Accounts, etc.), guarantees for the specific case, among others;

Support in obligations after completion of operations, acting in the implementation of defined corporate structure, possible regularization and registration of relevant corporate documents.

|Corporate Governance

Legal advice on the implementation of Corporate Governance Project, with support in the creation of Councils and Committees, elaborating By-Laws, Internal Rules of Procedure and other pertinent documents.

Corporate planning aiming to implement the Corporate Governance Project through the execution of the necessary corporate documents, such as articles of association, amendments and By-laws, minutes, Shareholders’ and Quotaholders’ Agreements.

Support in the creation of succession rules for family members and the constitution of Family Councils with the elaboration of its Internal Rules;

Assistance in the creation of rules of interaction between Family Council and Board of Directors. 


Preparation, analysis and review of contracts in general, as well as standardization of contracts used by major companies from different segments, including negotiation of contractual terms and conditions.

Consultancy and advice on business investments, financing and other transactions both domestic and international.

Advisory services to foreign investors; assistance in currency exchange operations, registration of investments with the Central Bank of Brazil; capitalization and remittance of profits and dividends abroad, and capital repatriation.