Implantation of Corporate Governance Projects, with support in the creation of Boards and Committees, elaborating internal regiments, policies and other pertinent documents. Performance as an External Corporate Governance Secretariat in companies.


Estruturação de negócios, com a constituição de empresas, celebração de acordos de quotistas/acionistas, term sheets, memorandos de entendimentos (MoU), reuniões e assembleias de sócios/acionistas, dissolução parcial e total. Suporte a Start Ups e Novos Negócios.


Special corporate transactions, transactions involving the purchase and sale of companies, assets and corporate interests, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, incorporations, joint ventures and consortiums, among others.


Support in commercial transactions, acting in the negotiation and formalization of national and international contracts, guaranteeing the legal viability of the transaction. Structuring of investment operations for Investors.


Support in the mediation for the solution of conflicts and best alignment of interests:

(i) in business relationships, including disagreements between partners, managers, partners, customers, suppliers, etc.

(ii) in personal disputes, including family and / or succession issues.

Through mediation, we advise the parties involved to formalize a balanced composition, and being bound up with pre-existing disputes in the judicial, arbitration or administrative domains, materialize approved agreements with the definitive closure of all existing disputes.